Applying Vicks on Your Feet Can Clear Cough in an Instant

A great deal of individuals rub Vicks VapoRub on their chest to alleviate cough, and other signs of cold and influenza.

They do this mainly prior to bed to sleep much better. However, did you understand that some usage this lotion to rub their soles as a method to eliminate their cough?

How Reliable is This Technique?

Individuals share this uncommon cough treatment on the social networks. Obviously, you have to rub Vicks on the soles of your feet right before bed, and place on your socks.

Individuals state they can feel the Vicks vapors reaching their throat. Nevertheless, is this technique reliable, or not?

Up until now, there is no clinical proof to support this uncommon cough treatment, however there are numerous individuals who declare this approach has really helped them.

However, this treatment is not new. In March 2007, the treatment of rubbing the feet with mentholated topical cream prior to sleeping, and placing on socks right after that, struck the on-line world.

Although some researchers didn’t support this treatment, individuals state it’s an efficient natural home remedy for cough, specifically for kids.

The psychologist, Dr. Lynne Jordan, discusses this house cough treatment can in fact work for some individuals as it can reduce tension.

When the tension decreases in an individual who’s wheezing and coughing, the pain will likewise reduce.

Nevertheless, you should not rely entirely on this treatment if your kid coughs for numerous days.
Check out a pediatrician to get rid of a possible major illness, specifically if your kid:

  • has a damp and efficient cough
  • coughs longer than 3 days, and has fever
  • has problem breathing
  • has a cough that makes swallowing hard and has other problems like tiredness
  • has a cough that impacts his sleep

Some professionals can state rubbing Vicks VapoRub on the feet is simply a placebo result, however at the same time, a great deal of individuals share their individual and favorable experience with this cough treatment.


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