Burn Abdominal Fat In Just 14 Days With These 9 Simple Exercises

Everyone knows how hard can be to fit in a summer clothes after the winter holiday season.

There is a solution, though will need to get up and do some exercises.

Side To Side

Targets: rectus abdominus (“six-pack”)


You will need to lie on your back and put the soles of the feet close to your body. Your knees should be bent out to sides. Then, put your hands on the head.

Proper way to do it is when your elbows are in a line with your ears. Push your chest up, just a few inches off the floor and toward your legs. You will feel the muscles contracted. Do this 10 times.

Butterfly Crunch

Targets: transverse abdominals

For this exercise you need to lie on your hands and knees. Then, while your back and ab muscles are contracted, you will need to move to your forearms, while standing on the balls of your feet.

Keep the spine straight, hips up, and neck relaxed as much as possible. Try staying like this for 3 seconds for 10 repetitions.


Front Plank

Targets: obliques (sides)

This one is easy. Just lie on your back and bend the knees, while keeping feet on the floor and arms at the side. Then exhale and slide your left hand to the right foot, while keeping the head and neck in a line with lower back.

Change sides and do 15 repetitions.


Fingers To Toes

Targets: rectus abdominus

Just lie on the back, while keeping your legs straight and pointing to the ceiling. Keep the arms by your side. Then, just breath out and extend your hands toward your toes. Back should stay flat on the floor.

Do about 30 repetitions, divided into two sets.



Targets: obliques

Just line on the back and put your fingers behind your head. Raise the left knee and touch with it your right elbow. When you are finished, raise your right knee and touch your left elbow.

Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions of this exercise.


Reverse Crunch With Resistance Bands

Targets: transverse abdominals

For this exercise you will also need a band. Lie on the back, bent the knees and put the arms by your side, while holding the ends of a band is each hand.

The band should also be wrapped around the tops of shins. Then you will need to raise your knees to the chest until your hips leave the floor. This should last for 3 seconds, and then you should lower to start.

Do 20 repetitions, divided into two sets.



Targets: rectus abdominus

For this exercise you need to get two chairs. Brace yourself between the backrests of them, while your elbows are slightly bent.

You should keep your shoulders down, neck in relaxing position. Then, while keeping your abs tight, breath out and bring the knees to your chest, but try to keep them still. If you cannot do it in this way, raise one knee, then the other.

Do 45 repetitions, divided into 3 sets.


Leg Swings

Targets: obliques

Lie down with the arms out to the sides, while your legs and feet are pointing up. Then draw navel in, toward the spine, while bending legs to right side about 5 inches from the floor. Return to the starting position and do the same on the left side.

Do 45 repetitions, dividing it into 3 sets.


Ball Leg Lift

Targets: transverse abdominals

This exercise has to be done with a ball. Lie on a ball, facing down. Roll forward until you reach the floor with your hands and your feet are on the ball. Whole this time your back and right leg should be in a straight position. Then lift leg a few inches toward the ceiling and hold for 3 seconds.

Do 10 repetitions, and change legs. You need to add two repetitions every week to maintain perfect form.


This article is shared with permission from our friends at wellmindness.com.

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