Consume Coconut Oil and See What Happens To Belly Fat & Blood Sugar

Coconut oil is considered a “superfood,” meaning it’s a nutrient rich food that’s extremely beneficial to our health – but despite being so rich in nutrients, it’s also considered one of the most controversial food items on the market since some people believe it’s high levels of saturated fat lead to heart disease.

Yet, the special kind of saturated fat contained in this tropical oil is actually chock full of health-promoting benefits. Eating just 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every day will help you lose weight, boost your health and make you feel amazing! I had no idea…


Generally, there are three types of people that you’ll meet when you mention coconut oil.

The first person won’t ever touch the stuff because it has saturated fat, which they’ve been taught will kill them. They don’t know it, but they’ve actually been lied to about saturated fats all these years.

The second person can see the good things that coconut oil has to offer, but they are devout calorie counters and too scared to give it a try. They don’t know it, but what they’ve been taught about calories is incorrect – not all calories are created equal.

The third person will eat coconut oil every opportunity they get, incorporating it into everything from their morning coffee to delicious stir-fry dinners. They know that it has fantastic health benefits, and they are absolutely right!


Guess what – coconut oil is an amazing tool for losing weight and getting a flat belly! Not all calories are used by the body the same way, and the chemical makeup of coconut oil proves it.

Coconut oil is what is known as an MCT oil, or medium chain trigylceride. Your body treats it differently than long chain fats, such as olive oil. According to Ben Greenfield, MCT’s don’t get deposited into your cells as fat. Instead, they bypass liver metabolism altogether and are used immediately to fuel your body and brain.

This is supported by a recent study of 40 women who had abdominal fat. When they supplemented with coconut oil, it helped them melt away belly fat and lose inches around the waist!

High quality fats like coconut oil can help diabetics by stabilizing insulin and blood sugar levels. When coconut oil is consumed with a carbohydrate meal, it slows down the digestive process and ensures a steady stream of energy is released into the body. Spikes in blood sugar levels seem to disappear!

Coconut oil is “anti” everything, yet it’s completely pro-health at the same time. How does that work?

Well, coconut oil has these cool “anti” properties:

– Anti-inflammatory – repairs tissues and reduces arthritis pain

– Anti-fungal – kills candida yeast and athlete’s foot

– Anti-bacterial – stops bacteria that cause ulcers and urinary tract infections

– Anti-viral – eliminates cold and flu season forever

– Anti-oxidant – say hello to healthy cells and immune function

– Anti-parasitic – yucky lice and tapeworms go bye-bye

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how all these “anti” benefits of coconut oil are actually the best thing for your overall well-being!

We’ve all been taught that saturated fats cause heart disease. In fact, the opposite is true of the saturated fats found in coconut oil – it can actually lower your risk of heart disease! In tropical populations, such as in Polynesia and Papua New Guinea, there isn’t any evidence of heart disease. Unlike other oils, coconut oil does not oxidize, meaning it doesn’t cause the oxidative stress on your arteries that lead to heart disease and strokes.

In this video, Dr. Axe explains 8 medically based reasons why you should eat coconut oil.

If you eat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every day, you can start to reap the benefits of this tropical superfood almost immediately.

If you don’t care for the taste, just dump a spoonful in with your morning smoothie, and you won’t even know it’s there.

Sources: Healthy Cures, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Axe

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