Obstacle Training – Lunges

Obstacle races can test your skill and endurance in ways you can’t predict nor imagine, but we have workouts that will help you get ready for just about anything.

Obstacle races are unique pitfalls meant to test your weaknesses and leave you lying in the mud. Practicing the obstacles themselves can help you prepare, but nothing can mimic that toxic combination of adrenalin and mud.

All you could try are workouts that target some of the movements you’ll need to overcome obstacles and get the most out of your stamina.

The important thing is that you don’t need to give up your old fitness routine just to incorporate this type of training.

Start by focusing on 2 or 3 obstacles max. Here, we will target only the balance beam.

Obstacle Training – Lunges

To do well on the balance beam, you must have almost perfect body stabilization.

Good balance requires training your abs and the central nervous systems to stay up while moving, and lunges help you achieve all that.

Don’t forget that your knees mustn’t touch the ground and practice keeping your head up and eyes forward, which means no looking down!

For the best possible results, take a pair of dumbbells in each hand.

An active stretch routine is recommended here as you want to release rather than stretch and hold in one position, and it adds flexibility to your muscles.

Balance Beam Workout

  • Side Lunges (50 reps in a single set)

Extend a leg to one side while holding light dumbbells, squat low and hold it there for 3 seconds, gently twisting your core. Raise up and repeat.

  • Front Lunges (50 reps, 1 set)

While holding weights, step forward or backward and do a lunge. Hold it there for 3 seconds and do shoulder raises.

  • Diagonal Lunges (50 reps, 1 set)

Start from a standing position, but make sure to twist before doing the lunge.

Source: Wellmindness

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