Two Ingredients That Can Remove Toxic Waste From Your Colon

Nowadays, we are all trying to find ways in which we can lose weight, maintain good health, and how we can prevent our bodies from getting various diseases in the future.

From natural remedies, to medications, to new types of exercises, we are constantly on the lookout for new and effective ways that can help us. Well, to help you in your search for optimum health, get to know these two ingredients that can make all the difference.

Everyone has heard of cleanses that can get your digestive system back on track, remove toxins from your body, while helping you lose weight in the process.

Colon cleanses in particular can do wonders for your body. A colon cleanse can be extremely effective at flushing toxins out of the body, which aids digestion and weight loss. This natural colon flush is a gentle yet effective solution, and works in just a matter of days.

Dr. Oz explains that when our bodies are not functioning properly, we tend to store an excess amount of fat. The one organ that affects how well we can lose weight is called the omentum. By cleaning out our colons, we can allow the omentum to properly work to help us not only maintain a healthier weight, but to remove excess toxic waste from our body as well.


Dr. Mercola shares that kefir, also known as fermented milk, contains enough enzymes and probiotics to where you can get your digestive system back on a healthy track. It is also jam packed with essential vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B7, vitamin K, phosphorus, and calcium. Probiotics are helpful to your body, especially when you are trying to improve your gut health and trying to remove toxins by doing a colon cleanse.

Another ingredient that Dr. Mercola shares is flax seed. Flax seeds contain a sufficient amount of omega-3 fats, which can help pass the toxins from your colon out of your body. According to WebMD, these seeds are also full of fiber, and fiber can assist you with passing all of the unhealthy toxins that are lurking in your body, out of your system for good.

Imagine what you could do for your colon if you combined both the kefir ingredient with flaxseeds? You would have created a powerful remedy to really clean out the area, thus jumpstarting you back on a healthy track again. All you have to do is mix one tablespoon of flaxseed flour with 100ml of kefir. Each week you can slowly increase the amount of kefir and flaxseed you use. Store the mixture in the fridge to help it stay fresh and voilà! Now you have an instant colon cleanse remedy.

Before you try anything new for your body, especially in regards to a new cleanse, it is always recommended that you check with your doctor first. If your doctor gives you the okay, then this cleanse is a healthy one to keep on hand and use from time to time, however often your doctor recommends you to do a colon cleanse. All you need is those two ingredients, and combined they basically just taste like yogurt with a little granola on top.

Watch this video to learn about the organ that holds the key to you losing weight.

Keeping your body free from toxic waste can lead to a healthier lifestyle overall. Aside from a colon cleanse, there are many other different cleanses you can talk to your doctor about doing.

Sources: Dr. Mercola, WebMD,Dr. Oz

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