This Vegetable Fights Cancer Better When Cooked

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables increases our chances of staying fit.

In addition, the more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains we consume, the better our odds are of staying healthy and disease-free.

Eating different types of fruits and vegetables raw is one thing, but sometimes the nutritional benefits can increase when we cook them instead. One particular vegetable can even ward off cancer if it is cooked.

When we think of consuming fruits and vegetables, we think of adding some slices of banana onto our morning bowl of cereal, or a nice healthy salad at lunch.

Although these are both well and good choices, we forget that we could be cooking some produce more to unleash greater benefits for any meal time. Cooking does something highly nutritional, especially to some vegetables, once they are cooked.

While experts typically recommend that vegetables be eaten raw in order to reap the nutritional benefits, one vegetable remains the exception to this rule. Typically you eat carrots raw to either dip in ranch or to throw on your salad.

However, you may not have realized that by cooking them, you actually have a better chance of preventing cancer even more, rather than by just eating them raw. It’s not just fighting off one type of cancer that is so intriguing about cooking this powerhouse vegetable, but quite a few types impressively.

According to Medical News Today, cooking carrots, or even juicing them, can fight off cancers such as leukemia, lung, colorectal, and even prostate. This is great news especially since these are some of the leading types of cancers men and women face on a daily basis.

On top of its anti-cancer fighting properties, cooking carrots can also improve your vision, stabilize your blood sugar, protect your liver, and increase your brain health.


Due to the antioxidant properties found within carrots, they protect your cells from getting damaged further than they already are, which can protect you from getting cancer. According to Dr. Mercola, by cooking them, you release higher levels of beta-carotene, thus increasing the antioxidant levels contained within the carrots.

The more antioxidants you have working in your favor, the higher your chances are of resisting any cancer that tries to come your way.

If you have always tried to include carrots into your everyday diet in the past, then you are on the right track. Now all you have to do is remember to cook them for your meals to get the maximum nutritional and anti-cancer benefits possible. By doing this, you will not just secure a healthy future for yourself, but for your family as well.

Watch this video to learn how to make a yummy soup using cooked carrots.

Adding carrots into your meals is easy when you think in terms of raw, but adding cooked carrots can be the tricky part.

Sauté carrots for less than ten minutes with a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, add a pinch of garlic, and toss over a bed of greens for a side dinner salad, or just slide them onto your plate next to the lean piece of chicken you just cooked, and voilà.

Sources: Dr. Mercola, Medical News Today, FitLifeTV

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